Timelapse Master Class

  1 - The Technical Essentials of Timelapse Photography
  2 - Equipment Essentials for Getting Started
  3 - Shooting Format Options for Timelapse
  4 - Determining a Shooting Approach
  5 - Exposing the Shot
  6 - Advanced Equipment Options
  7 - Camera Specific Workflows
  8 - Putting the Camera in Motion
  9 - Specialty Shooting Situations
  10 - Scouting Preparing for Success
  11 - Getting Ready for Post
  12 - Developing Your Images
  13 - Essential Postproduction
  14 - Additional Postproduction Options
  15 - Advanced Postproduction Options
Now that you have your images organized, you will want to develop your images. In this chapter, instructors Richard Harrington and Ron Risman discuss what to consider when choosing the format file you will work with in post to create a timelapse.

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